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4 August

Discipleship isn’t for Everyone

The More You’ve Never Seen Before – Part 1 I started seminary in 1995. I read more books during the first quarter than I’d read in my entire life. I was learning more information than ever, but I was growing less in seminary than I was before. After my first year, I went to lunch […]

31 July

Behind the Scenes Part 4 – Managing Expectations

Do you ever feel pressure from all the expectations put upon you? Do you add to that pressure with your own personal expectations? I totally do that; but the person who does it more than anyone else I know is my wife. I know I have a reputation of being a driven person, but what […]

29 July

Dating: Best Practices (Part 2)

We have a gathering for twenty-somethings at Highpoint Church called The House that happens every other week. Karin and I were asked to speak on the subject of Dating: Best Practices, and these are the notes (in bullet-point format) from Part 2… minus the funny/embarrassing stories! Oh, and scroll down to the bottom for some bonus material… because that’s how we roll! […]