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28 August

Discipleship 401

This series of blogs is designed to complement two sermon series: The More You’ve Never Seen Before and The Bucket Project. The purpose of these “discipleship” blogs is to give you the information you need about being discipled and being a discipler. Since these blogs are intended to be a resource, they’re a modified version of my teaching […]

25 August

Fill Me Up, Pour Me Out

Who are the people in your life who are difference makers? Who are the people who sharpen you? Who are the people who challenge you? Who are the people who call you up to a higher standard? God brings people into our life who are influential friends, who give us positive instruction, who are a […]

23 August

Why Renovate?

Over the past year, I’ve frequently heard people ask the question, “Why renovate?” I respect the question and will answer it, but I’d love to pose another question first. “Why not renovate?” One of the things I’ve learned from 20 years of ministry is to always look at the perspective from which a question is […]