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10 November

The “A” Word

Accountability. That can be a cuss word to some. For whatever reason, some people can’t stand the idea of being held responsible for the things they do… or don’t do. But without accountability, responsibility is easily avoided. And without responsibility, it’s hard to be rewarded. What has God entrusted to you that you need to […]

4 November

The Power of Compliments

Fact: God gives compliments. Is that a foreign concept to you? Think about it. The Creator of the universe… the Maker of all things… the One who set the sun, moon, and stars in place… the One who designed you before you were born… He also gives compliments. Compliments tend to serve two purposes. Primarily, […]

3 October

Discipleship 901

This series of blogs is designed to complement two sermon series: The More You’ve Never Seen Before and The Bucket Project. The purpose of these “discipleship” blogs is to give you the information you need about being discipled and being a discipler. Since these blogs are intended to be a resource, they’re a modified version of my teaching […]