Karin Conlee Karin Conlee

Karin Conlee is the wife of Chris Conlee and the leader of the women’s ministry at Highpoint Church in Memphis, TN. She is the author of Miss Perfect.

Andy Savage Andy Savage

Andy Savage is the Teaching Pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis, TN. He and his lovely wife of eleven years, Amanda, have five sons under the age of 10.

Josh Maze Josh Maze

Josh is the Worship Pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis, TN. He is married to his lovely wife, Stacie.

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30 July

Overcoming THAT Voice (Recap) – “Follow Fully”

Today is a recap of the third message in the Overcoming THAT Voice series. In the first two messages I gave you a summary of the doctrine of Satan and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. In this message we’re going to see that it’s time to overcome that voice. In the words of Moses: […]

28 July

Overcoming THAT Voice (Recap) – “Replacing THAT Voice”

In case you missed the first recap from Overcoming THAT Voice, you can find it here. Today is a recap of the second message in the series. In the first message, there was a summary of the doctrine of Satan; in this message there is a summary of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Let […]

26 July

Saturday Prayer

Father, I pray for the next two weeks of services at the East Memphis Campus. They are visionary messages that are very strategic for both campuses in unique ways. I pray for Your anointing upon these messages in a profound and powerful way. I pray for You to use these messages to give people a […]

From Family & Friends

  • Byron Dowdell

    Chris has vision and is extremely non judgmental while practicing what he preaches and lives by the phrase that more is caught than taught…He consistently displays virtues of an excellent leader such as being accepting, supportive, honest, financially responsible, candid and inspirational.

    - Byron Dowdell
  • Brian Smith

    Chris Conlee’s passion to move people closer to God is unstoppable!

    - Brian Smith
  • Jeffrey S. Rosenblum

    Chris Conlee has a passion for excellence that would rival Steve Jobs but his love of God, his family, his congregation and his community will ultimately be what defines him.

    - Jeffrey S. Rosenblum