Imagine what happens inside you when your family suffers through divorce multiple times, drugs countless times, death at the wrong time, and defeat all the time. Given these circumstances, most people talk about what didn’t work. Chris’s story defies the odds as he turns negatives into positives, relentlessly pursuing a life that proves LoveWorks and LifeWorks.

Fifteen years ago, Chris Conlee started Highpoint Church, which has become known as a perfect place for imperfect people. Perhaps that’s the reason the church averages over 4,500 people in three locations every weekend.

Long before Chris was a Pastor, he learned leadership from growing up in a family-owned business and competing as a collegiate golfer. Chris’s leadership has proven itself beyond the church world and he has been recognized as one of the Top 40 Leaders Under 40 in the city of Memphis. The church, which employs over 70 staff members, has also been voted one of the top 10 Best Workplaces in Memphis for the last 3 years.

In addition to starting Highpoint Church, Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit has given birth to the Highpoint Leadership Institute. Chris also enjoys serving as a Trustee for Lead Like Jesus, and co-hosting two podcasts with his wife, Karin: Lead Like Jesus and LoveWorks.

Chris is a gifted communicator in any setting, and he regularly teaches at leadership seminars, conferences, and in the corporate world. His self-published book, Priority Time: Addicted to God’s Word, has revolutionized people’s understanding of how to have a “devotional time,” and is a valuable resource for anyone who desires to spend time with God daily through the Word and in prayer.

Chris couldn’t be who he is today without his wife of 22 years, Karin, who is also a gifted speaker and author. They have two teenagers, Mark and Annika. Mark is a rising Freshman at Alabama, and Annika is a rising Senior in High School.




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