5 Critical Guidelines For Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

This blog series about the Holy Spirit will take on a variety of formats. Some posts will be conversational and thought-provoking, some will provide doctrinal teaching, and some will focus on practical application and guidelines.

In today’s post, let’s focus on two simple goals:

Building a foundation by looking at three definitions of the Holy Spirit.
Providing five guidelines regarding spiritual gifts.

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  What does John the Baptist have to do with Malachi? … and what do either of them have to do with blessings and curses? Let’s take a look… In Malachi 3:7, God tells the people that if they return to Him, He’ll return to them. Over time, they’d neglected God,...

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  Let’s talk about commitment. A lot of us are pretty lousy when it comes to commitment. We’re either slow to make one or quick to break one. We hold others hostage over their commitments to us whether they’ve already been broken or while we’re waiting for that...

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