23 August

Why Renovate?

Over the past year, I’ve frequently heard people ask the question, “Why renovate?” I respect the question and will answer it, but I’d love to pose another question first. “Why not renovate?” One of the things I’ve learned from 20 years of ministry is to always look at the perspective from which a question is […]

31 July

Behind the Scenes Part 4 – Managing Expectations

Do you ever feel pressure from all the expectations put upon you? Do you add to that pressure with your own personal expectations? I totally do that; but the person who does it more than anyone else I know is my wife. I know I have a reputation of being a driven person, but what […]

25 July

Behind the Scenes Part 3 – Managing the Schedule

Have you ever asked yourself why time management is so difficult? I’ve been to countless seminars and read many books on the subject, but I still struggle with it. I’m great at creating my schedule… sticking to it is a whole other kettle of fish (as my British assistant would say)! Year after year, I’d […]

18 July

Behind the Scenes Part 2 – Managing Responsibility

Throughout the years, my kids have said, “You’re the boss; you can do whatever you want.” I must be doing it wrong because I rarely do whatever I want! To be honest, I almost always remind them that bad bosses do whatever they want; good bosses do whatever’s best. Frequently, people misunderstand leadership. They think […]

10 July

Behind the Scenes Part 1: Managing the Tension

Do you remember the Most Likely To Succeed categories in your High School Yearbook? I can assure you, I was never nominated for the Most Likely To Be A Pastor category! I don’t come from a long line of pastors; my dad had a Mohawk in high school. Why do I tell you this? Twenty-five […]

3 July

Lighten up…

Do you ever talk to yourself? Of course you do… we all do. I think I talk to myself more than most. Except, maybe, for my wife and daughter! My internal dialogue typically revolves around three primary subjects: my relationship with God; my relationship with others; and work. That probably sounds simple and straightforward, but […]

26 June

Big Decision: How should we respond?

How should Christians respond to the Supreme Court’s ruling today to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states? That’s a big question… one that’s difficult to answer in a short blog. But I’ll attempt to give some guidance. First and foremost, at Highpoint we always address controversial issues from a compassion without compromise perspective. It’s […]

19 June

The Person Behind the Pastor

Imagine this scenario: You bump into me at Starbucks and in the midst of small talk you ask, “How’s your summer been?” What are you expecting me to say? “Great!” What if I said, “Difficult…” or “Discouraging…”? I’m guessing it would catch you off guard. Firstly, most people aren’t honest with these types of questions. […]

12 June

Candid Conversations. Why?

What type of conversations do you enjoy? I prefer unfiltered, candid ones. Unfortunately, those types of conversations are few and far between. You may be wondering why that is. Let me answer that with a question: Do you have unfiltered, candid conversations with untrustworthy people? Candid conversations require trust. Trust that the listener knows your […]