1 September

There’s a Hole in my Bucket

Let’s be honest. None of us feel permanently “filled up”; in fact, many of us never feel “filled up”. What’s up with that? Do our buckets leak? They do. The pressures of work, the responsibilities of marriage, the challenges of parenting… the busyness of life drains us of the life-giving fullness that comes from the […]

25 August

Fill Me Up, Pour Me Out

Who are the people in your life who are difference makers? Who are the people who sharpen you? Who are the people who challenge you? Who are the people who call you up to a higher standard? God brings people into our life who are influential friends, who give us positive instruction, who are a […]

4 August

Discipleship isn’t for Everyone

The More You’ve Never Seen Before – Part 1 I started seminary in 1995. I read more books during the first quarter than I’d read in my entire life. I was learning more information than ever, but I was growing less in seminary than I was before. After my first year, I went to lunch […]

29 July

Dating: Best Practices (Part 2)

We have a gathering for twenty-somethings at Highpoint Church called The House that happens every other week. Karin and I were asked to speak on the subject of Dating: Best Practices, and these are the notes (in bullet-point format) from Part 2… minus the funny/embarrassing stories! Oh, and scroll down to the bottom for some bonus material… because that’s how we roll! […]

20 July

Converted Worms?

Are you beginning to grasp who you are yet? … and accept it? That second question’s the kicker, right? If we asked a biologist to analyze the DNA of a caterpillar, do you know what they’d say? It’s a butterfly. It looks like a caterpillar and moves like a caterpillar… but scientifically, according to every […]

15 July

Dating: Best Practices

We have a gathering for twenty-somethings at Highpoint Church called The House that happens every other week. Karin and I were asked to speak on the subject of Dating: Best Practices. It’s hard to stick to my notes on a subject like that, but I did my best! Unfortunately, the audio recording didn’t come out, […]

14 July

What did God make you to do?

I like commitment. I’m not talking about commitment from other people, although I definitely like that, too! I’m talking about me actually liking committing myself to something. Can you say the same? Let’s look at the opposite of commitment. Who do you respect who has a lack of commitment? … who isn’t committed to a […]

8 July

Your Destiny

What’s your destiny… your divine destiny? Need some help with that question? • Your destiny isn’t something you manipulate, coerce, or talent yourself into. • Your destiny isn’t to sin less. • Your destiny isn’t dependent on or affected by your history, your heritage, or your hurts. So, what is it? • Your destiny is […]

30 June

21 Statements About You

Do you know who you are? I mean, do you really know? I’m not talking about the results you get from all those personality tests prospective employers and Facebook marketing moguls have us do. I’m talking about accepting and believing the truth of who God says you are. You are accepted. You are secure. You […]

23 June

Rethinking Repentance

What do you think about repentance? Most of us think it’s promising to do better. But we can’t promise our way into spiritual maturity. What if repentance isn’t a promise from you to God? What if it’s a gift from God to you? Here’s a radical suggestion: Don’t tell God you’ll do something about your […]