Our Guide for 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Tomorrow’s the day!

Join with countless others from our Highpoint family as we spend the next 21 days focusing our hearts and minds on God, listening to what He wants to say to us both as individuals and as a church body, and asking Him to stir up revival and spiritual awakening within us.

If you’ve never fasted before and you missed my last post, head there now to learn the what, how, and why behind the next 21 days. But if you’re ready to jump in, click on the Get the 21-Day Guide button below for a daily plan that will give us direction and will allow us all to be praying for the same things on the same day. Let’s be bold in our petitions and quick with our praise!

And remember: We want to hear from you! Email us and let us know how you’re getting on with fasting, let us know about answered prayers, and let us know what you sense God saying to you during this time. We truly believe God’s going to move in a powerful way and continue to raise up an army of people who want to see this world turned upside down for His glory.

Let’s do this!

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