Wanna know what the non-negotiables of The Bucket Project are? Personal disciplines. Oh, I heard that groan! Stick with me, though… you may discover they’re actually your friend…

Most of us struggle with personal disciplines, often getting to the point where we’re questioning if the effort is really worth it, or beating ourselves up for “failing” again. But what if a lack of discipline isn’t your problem? What if your issue is a lack of motivation? If you have motivation, discipline shouldn’t be a problem. Right?

If you have motivation, discipline shouldn’t be a problem. Click To Tweet

In Luke 9:23, Jesus says:

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

What’s the motivation? Being a disciple of Jesus. How do we get there? By denying ourselves and taking up our cross daily and following Him. The want (motivation) precedes the denials (disciplines). Do you see that? Proper motivation leads to proper discipline… which, in turn, leads you to your end goal.

Discipline isn’t instant gratification; it’s delayed gratification. Discipline isn’t a one-off decision; it’s a daily decision. It’s not the end; it’s the means to the end.

Back to The Bucket Project, personal disciplines are what plug the leaks in our bucket. They sustain us; they hold the nutrients of God’s goodness; and they allow us to pour out what we’ve received before it leaks out. If you don’t have personal disciplines, you limit your ability to receive and your ability to give.

Maybe you’re right in that you lack discipline. But maybe that could be solved by finding a proper motivation. Let me know.

Discipline isn’t the end; it’s the means to the end. Click To Tweet

Here are some practical ways you can get started:

•  Get in a small group… Start forming those friendships that develop into trusted relationships.

•  Subscribe to Love Works with Chris and Karin Conlee and listen to our 7 podcasts on “Mentoring”.

•  Subscribe to this blog and you’ll receive my recaps from this series and my notes about mentoring.

•  Buy a couple copies of the Priority Time book and start going through it with a friend. Don’t make it complicated… just start doing it!

If you missed the message on Sunday, you can watch it here… or listen to the podcast here.




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