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If you’ve listened to me over the years, you’ve probably heard me talk about revival and spiritual awakening at some point and thought, “What does that really mean?” In short, revival is simply a term to describe the people of God getting right with God. The result of revival is spiritual awakening. Those outside the church see what’s happening inside the church and it awakens people to place their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

That’s a clear and concise definition… but what does that look like? I don’t have all of those answers today, but I do have a story that paints a picture of revival in one person’s heart. After you read this story, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Revival is a movement of people like Haley who are getting right with God. When stories like Haley’s move from the minority to the majority, we’ll experience revival and spiritual awakening in and through Highpoint Church.

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride of watching God show you His glory through His work in and through Haley’s life.

This post is simply a tribute to the hearts behind Highpoint. As we celebrated our 13th year of being Highpoint, I saw the sweet glory of God and I want to share why I am super thankful for Highpoint and all that it has become.

So, most of you who know me know that I didn’t grow up going to church. I had grandparents who went to church, and when I was visiting with them, I would tag along. I never really claimed it as my own, though. I grew up into a 16-year-old girl who was bitter and mad at any God, if there was a God. I took the path that ultimately led me to destruction. Not an outward destruction, but an inward one. To most people, I looked as if I had a pretty great life, and I did… but on the inside, I was hurting – real bad.

From the time I was 16 until I was 20, I was hurting. On the outside, I seemed fine, but on the inside I was slowly deteriorating. I lost Colby when I was 16, then found a job that would help me grow up for the next 5 years. I started dating someone at 18-19 and I got caught up in a fairytale. I thought that relationship was what I needed/wanted… when in reality it was only the beginning of my destruction. So many scars and hurts stem from that relationship that I am still healing from. 2 years into the relationship, we broke up – for good. Oh, and I also lost the job that I got when I was 16. So basically, all that I knew was gone – just like that. I literally had nothing. I didn’t have a relationship with my parents (due to my relationship), I didn’t have that relationship, and now I didn’t have the only job I’d ever had. To my 20-year-old self, I was bankrupt of all the happiness I once savored.

Then I found Highpoint. My friend asked me to come try Highpoint with her that summer. I was nervous. I had cussed God out. Done things that I wasn’t proud of. I just knew that the saying that “the church would come falling down because so and so walked in” would come true that day. I didn’t think I would “fit in” and I was absolutely terrified to walk through those doors. But then I did… and all my fears were wrecked.

The perfect place for imperfect people… what?

This church was promoting that they WANTED imperfect people to come. I was really confused. I thought you had to have a put together life to go to church… and here is a church who is welcoming imperfect people… people like me. I kept coming each Sunday until, slowly but surely, my hardened heart became soft and I accepted Jesus into my heart. That day was such a sweet day. It was the day I realized that I wasn’t alone anymore. That my life had a purpose. That all of my hurts and trials had a purpose. That Colby wasn’t taken from me BY God, but that God was going to use that tragedy in a beautiful way… and I was too blind to see it.

Here I am, a member of HighPoint church for 2 years now and it’s my home. It’s my family. I love our pastors. I love their hearts for people and for Jesus. The first time I heard Chris share his heart and vision behind Highpoint, I thought… oh, that’s so neat. He did what God called him to do… but today, looking back and seeing the glory of God in all of the details, I’m in awe. God laid it on Chris’s heart 13 years ago to start a church that would bring about revival in the lives of teens and 20’s. When I started coming, I was 20. I am saved. Redeemed. Made new. Praise God for His grace and mercy, but thank the Lord for Chris following the calling on his life. Praise God that Chris started Highpoint and created a place where the broken can come and be healed. Where the people with baggage can come and unpack. Where saved people help save people. Where you experience life change and you become a part of someone else’s life change. Where you feel at home. 

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This Sunday, as we celebrated our 13th anniversary as a church, I was celebrating my redemption. I was celebrating Chris’s decision to be faithful. I was celebrating the love that has been poured out over my life the past two years. I was celebrating the love that I have been able to pour out into young lives. WHY? All because God had a plan and a man agreed to fulfill it. I’m real big on tracing back the steps… so here we go…

If Chris hadn’t been seeking God, he wouldn’t have heard God speaking to him. If he didn’t hear God speaking to him, he wouldn’t have known to start a church like Highpoint, and not only that, but he wouldn’t have known to create a church environment that would bring about revival and spiritual awakening in teens and 20’s. If Chris hadn’t started a church geared towards spiritual awakening and revival, I never would have been invited to Highpoint. If I had never been invited to HighPoint, then I wouldn’t have ever fallen in love with the church. If I had never fallen in love with the church, I wouldn’t have eventually found Jesus. If I never found Jesus, I wouldn’t have the friends I have speaking truth over my life. If I never had the friends I have speaking truth over my life, I wouldn’t have been urged to serve. If I wouldn’t have served, I wouldn’t have ever met my sweet girls. If I never met my sweet girls, I would have missed out on my 20’s by not walking through life with them. Basically, I would still be lost.

So, to all of the staff at Highpoint, to Chris and to Andy… THANK YOU. Thank you for creating a place for broken and hurting people to come… and to feel welcome. Thank you for filling your church with the love and grace of God. Words will never show how grateful I am for my home church. Highpoint is a place I want my children to grow up in because I know that they will know who God is and what it looks like to love him and his people.

I am chosen. I am His. I am a daughter of the King. I am a princess. I am redeemed. I am loved. I am forgiven.

All because LOVE WORKS…

haley finkHaley Fink (on the left of this photo, pictured with one of our Highpoint Students) is a 23-year-old 3rd grade teacher. She’s been at Highpoint for a little over two years, and for most of that time, she’s been serving on the Highpoint Student team. We’re grateful to have her as part of this family and for her vulnerability in this post.

You can check out her blog here. (Thanks for allowing me to re-post this, Haley!)


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