1. Disciplers manifest God’s name to their disciples.
    John 17:6a
  1. Disciplers produce keepers of God’s Word.
    John 17:6
  1. Disciplers teach from personal experience.
    John 17:7-8
  1. Disciplers pray for their disciples.
    John 17:11 (See also John 17:15, 20, 21)
  1. Disciplers protect their disciples.
    John 17:12
  1. Disciplers give the joy of their relationship to their disciples.
    John 17:13
  1. Disciplers use the Word of God to sanctify their disciples.
    John 17:17
  1. Disciplers equip and send disciples into the world to do ministry.
    John 17:18
  1. Disciplers must pursue personal holiness.
    John 17:19
  1. Disciplers pursue unity and results of unity.
    John 17:23


Bottom Line:
Disciplers enable their disciples to love with the love of the Father.
John 17:25-26


Here are some practical ways you can get started:

•  Get in a small group… Start forming those friendships that develop into trusted relationships.

•  Subscribe to Love Works with Chris and Karin Conlee and listen to our 7 podcasts on “Mentoring”.

•  Subscribe to this blog and you’ll receive my recaps from this series and my notes about mentoring.

•  Buy a couple copies of the Priority Time book and start going through it with a friend. Don’t make it complicated… just start doing it!

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