How to Leave Criticism Behind and Use the Power of Compliments

Fact: God gives compliments. Is that a foreign concept to you? Think about it. The Creator of the universe… the Maker of all things… the One who set the sun, moon, and stars in place… the One who designed you before you were born… He also gives compliments.


  Let’s talk about commitment. A lot of us are pretty lousy when it comes to commitment. We’re either slow to make one or quick to break one. We hold others hostage over their commitments …

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  I often think we have things slightly wrong when it comes to discipleship. We place so much emphasis on setting aside time to meet with our disciplee… to sit with them and work through a …

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  Do you pray reactively or proactively? Hey, the fact that you pray at all is a wonderful thing, so there’s no judgment here! But have you ever looked at your prayer life and wondered …

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