Let’s talk about commitment. A lot of us are pretty lousy when it comes to commitment. We’re either slow to make one or quick to break one. We hold others hostage over their commitments to us whether they’ve already been broken or while we’re waiting for that to happen!

How are you at committing to the Lord? “A” for effort? Could do better? Let’s see what we can learn from Peter.

Peter was a stubborn guy; strong-willed. But, remarkably, he learned to submit. There’s something incredibly powerful about a strong-willed person who’s submitted to the Lord Jesus.

There’s something powerful about a strong-willed person who’s submitted to the Lord Jesus. Click To Tweet

Take a look at Luke 5:1-3 and try to put yourself in Simon Peter’s shoes. You’ve had a bad day at work. You’ve worked hard and got nothing to show for it. You’re cleaning your nets and just want to go home. But Jesus shows up and wants to use your boat to teach from. Ugh. Everything inside you wants to say no; you just want to go home. But you say yes. You submit. You surrender. You commit.

Look at Luke 5:4-5. Jesus tells you to put the boat into deep water and let down your nets. The nets you just cleaned. Seriously? You verbalize all sorts of protests… but then agree to do as He says. You submit. You surrender. You commit.

We’re good at giving excuses; great at saying: “Yes, but…” We’ve perfected the art of procrastinating and delaying. But delayed obedience is disobedience. We need to get better at saying, “I’ll do as You say.”

Delayed obedience is disobedience. Click To Tweet

What was the key that enabled Peter to say those words? Look again at verse 5. It was the word “Master.” We must be careful not to become too casual with God. He’s our friend, yes… but He’s also our Master, our Lord, our King.

How often do you respond to God as your Master? If that’s what He is, it’s time to start acting like it.

What happened after Peter followed through on his commitment to Jesus? He caught a “great quantity of fish” (verses 6-7). Commitment to Jesus always leads to greater results and rewards than we anticipate. You’ll never regret saying, “I’ll do as You say” to the Lord.

Now, what would’ve happened if Peter had delayed his obedience? Nothing. And that’s the greatest cost of our disobedience. It’s not about the consequences we experience, it’s about the blessings we don’t experience.

Look at verse 8. “… I am a sinful man, O Lord!” Commitment to Jesus always leads to greater revelation. It’s time for us to recapture the beauty and power of Master, Lord and King.

And commitment to Jesus always leads to greater mission. “… from now on you will be catching men … they left everything and followed Him” (Luke 5:10-11).

Can you identify with some of Peter’s strong-willed stubbornness when it comes to making a commitment to God? It’s time to learn the power of surrender. It’s time to submit, surrender and commit.

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