Fact: God gives compliments.

Is that a foreign concept to you? Think about it. The Creator of the universe… the Maker of all things… the One who set the sun, moon, and stars in place… the One who designed you before you were born… He also gives compliments.

Compliments tend to serve two purposes.

Primarily, they’re a celebration of the one being complimented. But they also serve as a correction for the one not being complimented. Now, we tend to think of correction as something negative because most of us don’t practice the art of correcting without criticizing. But God does… and His heart is that every correction He gives would result in an opportunity for Him to give a compliment.

What about you?

Do you compliment… or are you known more for criticizing? Both are extremely powerful, but in different ways. Compliments are powerful for good; criticisms, not so much. Compliments echo the heartbeat of God; criticisms reflect the war games of the enemy.

Compliments echo the heartbeat of God; criticisms reflect the war games of the enemy. Click To Tweet

Let’s become a people who are known for complimenting. I’m not talking about giving surface nice-ities that can be like a puff of hot air. But heartfelt, meaningful words of life that affirm someone’s value and identity; that call the good out in people. The world is dying for affirmation and love. Let’s be givers!

Need some ideas?

Leave a sticky note on the mirror for your spouse. Surprise a neighbor with an encouragement left on their windshield. Stick a note on a colleague’s computer screen. Write something uplifting on a customer’s receipt. For those who don’t live near you, write a note of encouragement, take a photo of it, and post it to their social media accounts.

The world is dying for affirmation and love. Let’s be givers! Click To Tweet
“Go big or go home,” I hear you say?

I couldn’t agree more! How about you commit to wowing a different person each week with something that impacts them? Do something positive for them that becomes a landmark in their journey. Make it memorable. Make it matter. Imagine what things could look like this time next year after delivering wow shout outs to 52 people! Imagine the impact of those 52 people (or even half of them) paying it forward by also delivering a wow shout out to the people in their world!

Are you getting it?

Let’s leave our criticizing behind and embrace complimenting. Let’s tap into the heart of God and speak life and worth into the people we rub shoulders with. Let’s become cheerleaders and watch our world change one wow shout out at a time!

If you missed the message on Sunday, you can watch it here… or listen to the podcast here.

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